11/20/2013 07:05 EST | Updated 01/25/2014 04:01 EST

UBC men's soccer team trophy stolen at campus pub

Two weeks after winning the national championships, the UBC men's soccer team has had their trophy stolen during celebrations at the Pit Pub on campus in Vancouver.

The Sam Davidson Memorial Trophy hasn’t been seen since the Thunderbirds celebrated their championship win with it on campus last Wednesday.

Dan Elliott, spokesman for UBC Athletics, said the trophy appears to have gone missing during the party.

"Unfortunately at one point in the night, they put it down and it was gone when they went back to get it. So it was stolen and we are currently looking for it," he said, adding that the team is very disappointed.

The team has won the trophy 13 times in the past.

"With trophies, there's always all kinds of stories behind them," Elliott said.

"Hopefully, when we eventually, ideally, get this one back, there will be another story to tell."