11/20/2013 06:44 EST | Updated 11/20/2013 06:58 EST

Video Of People Who Think They're Being Photographed Says Something About Vanity

Ever leave your camera in video mode?

So when you try to 'snap' a shot, it records a clip instead?

There's a good chance you were left with a priceless mini-documentary on human nature -- the way people behave right before getting their picture taken.

Now, imagine all that vanity strung together in one video -- a mash-up of all those beautiful, disturbing, enlightening moments of preening for a picture.

Throw a little Carly Simon in the soundtrack. And you've got got one sickly sweet portrait of humanity.

That's exactly what Sarah Elizabeth Meyler did earlier this month, taking her camera out for a night on the club scene in Dublin, Ireland.

Posted to YouTube last week, the video appears bears the oddly elegant title, 'Incredibly awkward montage of C**TS'.

And we can't seem to get enough of it -- more than a quarter million people have already watched the clip.

YouTube users seemed of two minds -- people who agreed mightily with the video title, and those who thought making a pretty face for a photo is, well, kind of what you're supposed to do.

"Posing for photos is not something new," wrote Name Anon. "Ever hear of 'EVERYBODY SAY CHEESE'? That shit has been around since cameras became commercial back in the 50's or 60's."

"I never really liked staged photographs, and this is part of the reason why," Panzyfaust opines. "Generally you force yourself to look like an ass for a few seconds to preserve a memory that isn't even real."

"I actually think this is really cruel," noted Lara Whyte. "Apart from the first few people, everyone looks really vulnerable."

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