11/21/2013 02:20 EST

Jesse Lumsden, Justin Cripps, Canadian Bobsled Athletes, Create Hilarious 'We Push Stuff' Video


Hoping to raise a bit of cash in their pursuit for Olympic gold, two Canadian bobsled athletes have created a hilarious video highlighting how their athletic skills would transfer over into more traditional workplaces.

In the video, Jesse Lumsden and Justin Kripps, who will maneuver Canada's bobsled down the track in the upcoming Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics, sit down with a recruiter in the one minute video to discuss how their ability to push heavy bobsleds from a dead start could be useful in other work environments.

The recruiter asks the pair, who are dressed in speed suits and ties, about their job qualifications.

"We push stuff," Lumsden responds.

From there the two burly athletes try their hand at delivering office mail, pushing grocery carts and wheeling people around a hospital. Hilarity ensues.

"Help us to the podium...for your own safety," the video, which has already been viewed more than 5,000 times on YouTube, concludes.

The creative and funny video is an attempt to capture attention from potential sponsors.

"It's been no secret that the corporate funding has dwindled since Canada hosted the 2010 Olympics, and that does impact us at the team level, and as individual athletes," said Lumsden, an Olympian and former CFL star, in a press release.

"It is our hope this video creates some additional excitement and interest in our unique sport amongst Canadians, while also capturing the attention of corporate executives that would be interested in joining us for this exciting ride in addition to gaining enormous exposure for their brand," said Kripps.

It was announced Wednesday Alberta will play a big role in feting Canadian athletes before and after next year's games -- not surprising as many athletes call Southern Alberta home, taking advantage of training facilities like Calgary's Canada Olympic Park and Canmore's Nordic Centre, as well as the area's ski hills.

A team "block party" send-off will be held Jan. 11 in Banff before the Games open Feb. 7.

Calgary will host an athletes' parade and the Olympic Hall of Fame gala dinner May 2.

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