11/21/2013 03:49 EST | Updated 01/25/2014 04:01 EST

Eight Yukon co-workers get lucky with $6 quick pick, winning $25 million

FARO, Yn - Eight co-workers in Faro, Yukon, who collectively bought a $6 Quick Pick lottery ticket are celebrating a $25-million Lotto Max win.

They're employed by a company that does work for the local zinc mine in the central Yukon town that has a population of 345 people.

Craig McKinnon discovered the win from the Nov. 1 lottery ticket while checking the numbers online the morning after the draw.

The group met that night at a store where they bought the ticket in Faro to confirm they had all seven numbers right and to learn they had one of two tickets for the $50-million draw.

All the winners say they plan to continue working and will be using their winnings to travel, pay off their debts and take care of their families.

They also agree that they'll try to keep a level head about their new-found wealth, although McKinnon says he'd like to golf until he dies.