11/21/2013 08:34 EST | Updated 11/21/2013 08:36 EST

Pit Bull Stabbed On Kits Beach Was Beloved Pet, Says Owner's Sister On Facebook


It was a shocking story: an elderly man resorting to violence to protect his pet pug from the jaws of a pit bull on a Vancouver beach.

And it doesn't end there. According to the sister of the dead pit bull's owner, the attack was unwarranted and, indeed, provoked by the 72-year-old man "who irresponsibly let his own dog run around freely."

In an open letter posted to Facebook, a woman using the profile Amy Leigh, says that the version of events originally reported do not tell the full story.

The woman, whose real name is Amy Fairbridge, told CBC News that her sister, Samantha Fairbridge, was the owner of Pandora, the deceased dog, and that it was Samantha's roommate who was walking the dog when the incident took place.

The Facebook post alleges that Pandora was properly on-leash, and that it was the pug's owner who did not have control of his animal:

Was the pit bull off leash? No. She was not.

This was a clearly marked area: dogs should be kept on leash, as posted by the city bylaws. Funny thing is, it was this negligent old man who irresponsibly let his own dog run around freely: he did not have control of his own dog.

Today a man killed a dog. He screamed these words "You hurt my dog. You deserve to die" And then he took out a knife and repeatedly stabbed Pandora until she died. And as Pandora lay their lifeless, this old man fled the scene with his dog in an SUV.

Marcie Moriarty with the BCSPCA, told News 1130 that, while reasonable force can be used to separate fighting dogs, weapons should be employed only as a last resort.

"Personal safety is the most important. If you can’t use a voice to call off the dog, a foot may be your next option," she told the news organization. "Worse case scenario, of course, is using some sort of weapon, but a foot can work well in certain circumstances."

The letter describes six-year-old Pandora as a much-loved family pet, used to spending time with the poster's young daughter:

Ask me if I would let my very small child around this dog while I'm in another room? My answer is yes - absolutely. I did. Many times. And given the chance again, I would let that beautiful, intelligent, beloved dog care for my daughter in a heart beat. Sadly, I will never have that opportunity. My daughter has lost her best friend. That pit bull that was murdered today? She helped me raise, and care for my almost 4-year old daughter.

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