11/21/2013 07:02 EST | Updated 01/25/2014 16:01 EST

Quebec long-gun registry appeal comes before Supreme Court

The Supreme Court of Canada will decide today whether it will hear Quebec’s appeal prevent the destruction of federal long-gun registry data.

Ottawa dismantled the registry and its data on 5.6 million rifles and shotguns last year, despite pleas from Quebec.

This is the province’s last chance to preserve the records for an estimated 1.6 million firearms, which it hopes to use to create its own version of the federal registry.

In June, the Quebec Court of Appeal said it would not force the federal government to preserve the information.

At the time, Quebec Employment and Social Solidarity Minister AgnèsMaltais said she was disappointed with the ruling, saying the federal government had a “lack of comprehension of the Quebec situation.”

If the Supreme Court refuses to hear today's appeal, the Quebec Court of Appeal's decision will stand, and the data will be destroyed.