11/21/2013 10:24 EST | Updated 11/22/2013 06:14 EST

Richmond Parking Fail Is, Well, A Fail (TWEET)

Everyone loves a good parking fail, so here's one for the books. It took place earlier this month in the Richmond Centre Mall parking lot.

On Nov. 9, Twitter user @GeePoon shared this photo of a rather diagonal parking job. It appears a Lexus SUV hit the vehicles on either side of it as it tried to pull in:

The whole thing has stirred up quite the conversation on Reddit.

"As someone who's grown up here and seen how it is across the country, take it from me... Y'all need to start handing out more tickets." wrote user Idvbecauseyoudont.

After getting a response from the @RichmondDrivers Twitter account, @GeePoon tweeted that she works at the mall and often sees terrible drivers:

What's the worst parking fail you've ever seen?

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