11/22/2013 03:12 EST | Updated 11/25/2013 09:19 EST

Dirk Boder, Montreal Man, Claims Brutal Arrest Over Parking Illegally (VIDEO)

A Montreal man's ticket for illegal parking quickly turned into a violent arrest, every agonizing moment filmed by his sobbing teen daughter.

Boder told Huffington Post Quebec he made a brief stop in downtown Montreal earlier this month, parking at Peel St. and de Maisonneuve Blvd. so his daughter could run into a store.

When she returned, a police officer approached the car, issuing an $88 ticket for illegal parking. At that point, Boder stepped out of his car to snap a picture of the police vehicle.

And then things took a dramatic turn.

Boder claims the officer started screaming at him, asking "You do not have enough trouble?"

"That hurts," Boder yells in the clip, as he's pressed up against a wall by a pair of burly officers.

His daughter begs, "Let go of my dad!"

To no avail.

Officers push the 49-year-old towards a waiting vehicle, despite his howls of pain.

Daughter: "Guys, he parked in the wrong spot!"

Father: "Call the cops again, please."

Because, apparently, these ones were not working out.

Once Boder, clearly in agony, is loaded into the cruiser, officers drive off, leaving the girl to cry, "You can't leave me alone."

At the police station, Boder claims he was threatened with a $700-ticket for resisting arrest, but eventually settled for a $144-fine for refusing to leave a hazardous area.

Sgt. Laurent Gingras, a public relations officer for SPVM (Service de police de la Ville de Montréal) refused to comment on the case, telling HuffPost Quebec, "We can not comment on each of the offenses which are found on the internet."

Boder's mangled hands, however, suggest the offense was hardly confined to the internet.

"The next day, my hand was swollen twice its size," Boder says.

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