11/22/2013 10:44 EST

Most Expensive Lingerie? Bordelle Kicks Holidays Into High Gear With Naughty Underwear

Guys, you better start saving your pennies because if you plan on getting your woman some quality lingerie this Christmas, it's gonna cost you.

London-based semi-couture label Bordelle has created a lingerie collection for luxury department store Selfridges that will make you excited and your bank account anxious.

The limited capsule line will come in three styles, with only three pieces of each made, and will cost upwards of a whopping £3,000, or about $4,800. (It's enough to make any man faint!)

"The brand has been going for five years now, and we really wanted to create something really decadent this Christmas," Bordelle founder and designer Alex Popa told Vogue UK. "Each piece is handmade and numbered one, two or three of three. The pieces use gold filigree, Swarovski crystals, the most luxurious fabrics - and each piece takes seven to ten days to make. Completely made to order, it's our most couture collection yet."

It's also one of the sexiest lines of lingerie, rivalling the likes of Victoria's Secret and Agent Provocateur.

Girdles, bondage-style straps, garter belts, bustiers and sheer lace cutouts are some of the lingerie line's main features and although they're designed to titillate, they're still guaranteed to be comfortable.

The same might not be said for Victoria's Secret's $10 million Fantasy Bra which is covered in over 4,200 precious gems including rubies, diamonds, and yellow sapphires. Ouch!

But if you're not feeling Bordelle, there are still other pricey options including Carine Gilson, Jean Yu and Guia La Bruna who all produce some of the most expensive lingerie in the world.

Bordelle lingerie:

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