11/22/2013 04:01 EST | Updated 12/15/2014 02:59 EST

Hanukkah Decor: 20 DIY Ideas For The Winter Season

P.S. I Made This.

UPDATE: In 2014, Hanukkah begins the evening of December 16, and ends on the 24th.

Hanukkah might not have the high profile of Christmas, but that doesn't mean that those who celebrate the holiday have to get the short end of the stick when it comes to festive decorations.

The Jewish Festival of Lights is scheduled each year based on the Hebrew calendar, which means that the date shifts. This year it's earlier than usual, starting on November 27 and ending well before Christmas, which gives the holiday a chance to stand out.

For those who are looking to get their winter decorating started early, Hanukkah's traditional colour scheme of blue, silver, and gold or yellow fits in well with winter landscapes and can be repurposed into Christmas decor for those who celebrate both holidays. These DIY decor suggestions are perfect to put up for Hanukkah — and leave out to enjoy until the weather finally starts warming up.

Hanukkah And Seasonal Decor

Hanukkah Crackers:

Christmas crackers are a tradition for many families, but crackers are a fun addition to the Hanukkah table as well. You can fill these DIY crackers with treats of your choosing.

Learn how to create this at Minie Co.

Tulle Lights:

This craft's dramatic effect belies its simple instructions: cut strips of tulle, tie around white lights. They add a great wintery touch to your decor that will fit in perfectly with the Festival of Lights.

Learn how to create this at Hayseed Homemakin'.

Gelt Garland:

Plastic gelt is inexpensive and a great way to add some shine to your Hanukkah decor. If you also celebrate Christmas, you can repurpose it as a tree garland in December.

Learn how to create this at Design Megillah.

Branch Menorah:

Leave it to Martha to come up with this rustic DIY menorah. It's perfect for your Hanukkah celebrations, but can also be a great centrepiece all through the winter months.

Learn how to create this at Martha Stewart.

Mirror Garland:

Why not use mirrors to make your Festival of Lights even more impressive? This dramatic decor could actually work all year round.

Learn how to create this at Apartment Therapy.

Light Orbs:

You can customize these light orbs with strands in your favourite colours — we'd suggest white and blue for Hanukkah. If you want to repurpose them for Christmas, consider adding a red bow on top.

Learn how to create this at Prudent Baby.

Wax Paper Luminaries:

These simple and minimalist luminaries could be used to make an inexpensive DIY menorah, but they'd be beautiful on the table for any evening meal on a chilly night.

Learn how to create them at DesignSponge.

Snowflake Wreath:

This silver and gold wreath is a beautiful way to decorate for winter generally, but also fits right in with the traditional Hanukkah colour scheme (and makes great use of extra dreidels).

Learn how to create this at Today's Parent.

Handmade Candles:

It's surprisingly simple to make your own beeswax candles to use in your menorah. After you make the 44 you'll need for Hanukkah, put together a few more to add some warmth to your home when the weather gets cold.

Learn how to create this at Martha Stewart.


These luminaries are perfect for Hanukkah, but there's no reason why they couldn't be part of a centrepiece on your table all through the winter — and then make their way to your patio for summer nights.

Learn how to create this at Chai and Home.

Gold Branches:

Take a can of gold spray paint to some branches, and use them as a decorative touch that fits in perfectly with Hanukkah but is subtle enough to keep out all through the winter.

Learn how to create these at Casasugar.

Metallic Candles:

How stylish are these candles? They'd be perfect in a modern menorah, and in a million other places as well.

Learn how to create this at P.S. I Made This.

Twig Snowflakes:

These lighted snowflakes would look great hung in your window during Hanukkah, and then could stay up all winter long.

Learn how to create these from Seaside Inspired.

Snow Candles:

You can put these candles out as soon as it snows (whether you're excited about it or not), but we think they'd be perfect along a Hanukkah-themed mantle.

Learn how to create them at Apartment Therapy.

Ice Lanterns:

These lanterns are a great way to light up your pathway during the winter — but wouldn't they also make a very cool outdoor menorah during Hanukkah?

Look how to create these at Willowday.

Gathered Bulbs:

Here's an idea if you're having trouble finding Hanukkah-specific decorations in store. These gathered bulbs in blue and silver are a great way to repurpose a decoration that's traditionally for Christmas. If you celebrate that holiday as well, just leave them up!

Learn how to create these at Modern Parents Messy Kids.

Pipe-Cleaner Stars:

These decorations are fun to make with kids, and hang from your window to celebrate Hanukkah. If you put up a Christmas tree, they can then be used to decorate that as well.

Learn how to create these at Spoonful.

Metallic Acorns:

These gorgeous metallic acorns make a simple but striking display in a clear glass bowl, and can be used in different ways throughout the holiday season and the winter months.

Learn how to create these at 17 Apart.

Silver And Gold Squares:

This is designed to be an advent calendar for Christmas, but the colours fit in perfectly with Hanukkah decor. Hang it early and then find a way to enjoy it some more in December!

Learn to create this at Sanaeishida.

Felt Wreath:

This gorgeous wreath can be put on your door now, enjoyed all through Hanukkah, and then left up to greet visitors until spring.

Learn how to create this at Felt So Cute.