11/22/2013 11:36 EST | Updated 01/25/2014 16:01 EST

Parents of Sherri Thomas speak about daughter's killing

On Tuesday, Montreal police officers found Sherri Thomas in an apartment on Grand Boulevard in NDG with serious injuries to her head and upper body.

She was rushed to hospital, where she died.

Her boyfriend Michael Gero was at the apartment when police arrived and has since been accused of second degree murder.

On Thursday, CBC Daybreak Montreal's Shawn Apel spoke with Thomas's parents, Maria Sorgente and Ruskins Thomas.

Shawn Apel: We want to find out more about Sherri. Can you tell me a bit about her?

Ruskins Thomas: My daughter was very special to me. This is a tragedy. I would never have thought anything like this would have happened. We got along. When we were together we did things together, we spent time together, we watched movies together, we went out together. 

She was like my friend. Right now, not everything has sunken in yet. I don’t want to focus on how she passed, but I just know that this is not the way she wanted to go and this is definitely not the way that I wanted anything to happen.

I miss my daughter. I’m going to miss my daughter for a long, long, long time.

SA: What were Sherri’s plans? What did she want to do?

Maria Sorgente: She wanted to go back to college, find a good job, be somebody.

RT: It was very tough to find her a job but she never gave up. I found her a job at The Source electronics and she worked there for a while, but her French was weak. It was probably very frustrating for her.

SA: Nobody should have to go through this. This situation is all the more complicated because the person who is accused here is Sherri’s boyfriend. How do you deal with that fact?

RT: I just know there’s got to be some kind of justice. We just want to give her a good burial, a good sendoff. There are many people that love her. We are hoping for an open casket [funeral]: flower, pictures, memories, family, friends. Something very positive, something hopefully very uplifting.