11/23/2013 10:15 EST | Updated 01/23/2014 05:59 EST

Fire in Whistler Village

Alex B. Taylor says he was casually strolling through Whistler Village on Saturday morning when he noticed a bit of smoke emanating from the Tyndall Stone Lodge. 

"The shocking thing was how quickly it turned from 'oh, there's a bit of smoke,' to 'oh, the whole building is on fire.' You know, 30 or 40 metres of the whole roof, it just went like this so quickly. It was surprising," Taylor told CBC News. 

Naturally, Taylor decided to film the blaze. 

The Whistler Fire Department was able to contain the fire, and no injuries have been reported.

The fire apparently started early Saturday morning, after crews had extinguished another fire that began on a balcony of the same building the night before. It is believed that a hot-spot leftover from the previous fire is the cause of Saturday's blaze.