11/23/2013 11:46 EST | Updated 01/23/2014 05:59 EST

LaSalle condo project owners fed up with 'delinquent developer'

More than 200 people who bought homes in LaSalle'sBois-des-Caryers development will have to wait another winter to have their roads paved because of what the borough's mayor calls a "delinquent developer."   

For two years, homeowners say representatives at the sales office have been making excuses about the unpaved roads but doing nothing to fix the problem.  

“Whatever they say to me is a joke. Get something done, then I will believe you. Otherwise, don’t say a word,” said Cobber Liu, who owns a condo in the Bois-des-Caryers development.

A spokesperson for Bois-des-Caryers told CBC News the developer understands residents are upset and acknowledges the many delays, however, no one from the company would address the problems on camera.

According to a government registry, Bois-des-Caryers is owned by 9181-5712 Quebec Inc.and registered to Allan Schachter and Patricia Navarro — each with their own numbered companies.

At the office associated with Allan Schachter, CBC was told there was no one by that name at the location.

Schachter, who is also vice-president of the Cansew textile company, never returned CBC’s phone calls.

Before working with Schachter, Patricia Navarro co-owned the project with Ricardo Magi, brother of Mafia-linked construction boss Tony Magi.

Staff at the sales office said the Magis are no longer involved with the development, although sources told CBC that Tony Magi is often seen at the site and was spotted there as recently as a few weeks ago.

The head office of 9181-5712 Quebec Inc. is listed as the home of Patricia Navarro.

When asked about the delays, Navarro declined an interview.

“I’m not interested, I'm sorry,” said Navarro.

Lasalle borough considering action

LaSalle borough Mayor Manon Barbe said the borough is also looking for answers and is considering suing the developer.

“If we go to court, it may last years and years, and he knows that,” said Barbe.

Another Bois-des-Caryers homeowner, Rachid Markatti, said he feels deceived after buying a $700,000 condo in the development and hopes someone will take action to deliver on what he paid for. 

"It’s almost as if they are operating with complete impunity, and I don’t think that’s right,” said Markatti.