11/24/2013 07:46 EST | Updated 11/24/2013 07:48 EST

Vancouver SPCA Has 15 Dogs Ready For Adoption (VIDEO)

Are you looking for a new cuddly friend to join your family? Now may be the perfect time.

This weekend, 15 small dogs were surrendered to the Vancouver branch of the BC SPCA, after it became clear their elderly owner could no longer take care of them.

There are now an extra 10 poodles, three chihuahuas, and two Pomeranians inhabiting the space, which Vancouver branch manager Charlotte Ellice says poses quite a financial strain on the site.

“This many dogs all at once means we’ll need upwards of $10,000,” she says, in the news release. “A lot of them are adoptable right now. Some will require very special homes as many have lived a sheltered and isolated life.”

A non-profit organization, the SPCA relies on public donations. Interested donors can find out more information online.

A YouTube video featuring the gaggle of poodles was uploaded by the organization, and well, it's pretty darn cute.

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