11/25/2013 04:30 EST

Frank Magazine Returns! Beloved Satirical Magazine Back Online


Frank, the beloved satirical political magazine, is back!

The publication, which went out of business in 2008, relaunched its website Monday and says it will be produce a bi-weekly print edition later this year.

"Attention all bingo callers, braunnosers, elf lords, fabulists, fancy skaters, gasbags, horizontal joggers, proven lawyers, stickmen, slapheads, tire biters, trampolinists and wind therapists. Better straighten up and fly right, 'cause Frank magazine is back in town," the magazine announced in a press release.

The Ottawa-based magazine was notorious for skewering politicians and journalist in the 1990s and early 2000s.

The new magazine will be paywalled and offering subscriptions for $14.95 monthly or $129.95 for an annual print or online subscription.

Michael Bate, who was Frank's publisher for most of its history, told iPolitics in the summer that he felt the time was right to bring back the magazine.

"I get the same sense, politics in Ottawa, the atmosphere is the same as it was then, and it seems like a good time for a satirical magazine again,” he told the online political site.

A quick scan of Frank shows stories about Mike Duffy, a popular target of the magazine in past years, CBC personalities Rex Murphy and Kevin O'Leary, and a takedown of various National Post columnists.

The magazine is also offering Rob Ford and Mike Duffy bobblebellies for $29.95; a knowing wink to the popular toys that had scandal-plagued Mayor Rob Ford signing autographs for hours earlier this month.

“His looked like Robert Redford, ours look like him,“ Bate told the Ottawa Citizen.

The magazine has no affiliation to Halifax's Frank magazine.

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