11/25/2013 01:17 EST

Olivia Chow Would Defeat Rob Ford In Toronto Mayoral Election: Poll

NDP MP Olivia Chow would defeat controversial Toronto Mayor Rob Ford in an election if she decides to run, according to a new poll.

Chow came out on top in a number of hypothetical showdowns that pit potential and confirmed candidates against one another, the Toronto Sun reports. Forum Research conducted the telephone survey on Wednesday and polled 1,049 Torontonians.

Chow, who said in March she’s considering a run, has not announced definite plans as of yet.

Following Ford’s admission he smoked crack cocaine and city council’s moves to strip him of many mayoral powers, Chow said she was “frustrated” about the mayor’s scandal. However, she wouldn’t say whether or not she would throw her hat in the ring.

“October 2014 is very far away. I’ll make a decision later on,” she said last week.

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Forum’s poll also included TTC Chair Karen Stintz and former city councilor David Soknacki, both of whom have confirmed their intentions to run, as well as possible challengers, talk radio host John Tory and Coun. Denzil Minnan-Wong.

The poll showed that in a four way race, Chow would win 39 per cent of the vote, over Ford, 34 per cent, Stintz, 17 per cent, and Socknacki, five per cent. In a five-way race, Chow would earn 34 per cent support against Ford, 31 per cent, Tory, 22 per cent, Stintz, seven per cent, and Soknacki, four per cent (Three per cent were undecided). And in a six-person race, Chow would lead with 34 per cent, against Ford, 31 per cent, Tory, 20 per cent, Stintz, seven per cent, Minnan-Wong, four per cent, Soknacki, three per cent (Two per cent were undecided).

If Chow doesn't run, Stintz would beat Ford and Soknacki in a three-way race. Or, in a four-way race, Ford would beat Tory, Stintz and Soknacki.

In a statement, Forum Research President Lorne Bozinoff noted a number of interesting points from the poll.

“There are a couple of takeaways here -- in the first place, the more crowded the field the more it works to the mayor's advantage. Next, the more Ford Nation thinks about a Chow candidacy, the more firm is their opposition. Third, Rob Ford is closing the gap on all his competitors as the campaign draws closer, and he has a year of free time to work on closing the gap further,” he said, according to CP24.