11/25/2013 05:03 EST

Stephen Harper Flashback Puts Senate Scandal In New Perspective

A helpful Redditor has reminded us all what the prime minister sounded like when someone else’s scandal was under scrutiny.

In a 2005 interview with Peter Mansbridge, then opposition leader Stephen Harper chimed in on Paul Martin and the sponsorship scandal, saying, “If his party is tainted by corruption and he doesn’t know all of the answers, why is it still in power running the country?”

No, that wasn’t Tom Mulcair slamming the PM over the ongoing Senate expenses scandal and the Nigel Wright-Mike Duffy affair – it was Harper himself.

And 2005 Harper didn’t stop there.

“My difficulty with the prime minister at this point, Peter, is that I don’t think he’s been forthcoming and honest on fairly simple questions when there appear to be contradictions," he said. "My instinct is when someone doesn’t answer questions, even simple and fairly innocuous questions in a straightforward manner, there may be something else.”

Sound familiar?

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