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Winter Destinations For Canadians To Enjoy, Be It Hot Or Cold (PHOTOS)


Stop whining, you knew winter was going to happen again. This is Canada after all and the cold is the price to pay for living in a country with universal health care and a Tim Hortons in every town.

So yes, it will, on occasion dip down to -10 Celsius, cold enough for you to see your breath and reason enough to dig out the scraper buried in the depths of your trunk to clean you car windshield. And when the deep chill does strikes, you'll have two choices:

1) Embrace your inner, authentic Canadian and enjoy it to the max.

2) Whine about it and plot your escape to warmer climates.

Regardless of which route you choose, here's 10 suggestions you'll appreciate a bit more thanks to the cold:

  • Eat, Drink And Be Maui
    Done with Canadian winters, period? Summer is always waiting for you on this Hawaiian island and its “winters” deliver balmy temperatures, superb whale watching and bright starry skies. Still feel a chill? Book a pohaku massage, done with heated stones dipped in avocado and olive oil, at the Grand Wailea Resort.
  • Go Fish
    Travel Manitoba
    The thought of ice fishing in Manitoba make fishermen practically weep with happiness. The province has some of the best in the country with Lake Winnipeg known for its greenback walleye, while Cedar Lake produces monster-sized pike. For the glamping set, there are also luxury ice huts available so delicate toes won’t get chilled.
  • Your Happy Place
    Paradisus Playa Del Carmen
    On the coldest days, picture yourself on a bar stool located in the adults-only pool of the Paradisus Playa del Carmen La Perla. The Mexican sun beats down on you intently and your biggest worry is your frozen strawberry margarita melting before you have a chance to sip it all, while poolside Bali-style beds beckon you for a nap.
  • Puppy Love
    For folks in the Yukon, dog sled racing is legendary. After all, it's the site of the Yukon Quest, an annual event held in February where international competitors race over 1,600 km between Whitehorse and Fairbanks, Alaska. And you thought your dog was hyper when you mention the “w-a-l-k” word? Watch the dogs here lose their minds with excitement when they see a harness.
  • Links With Bite
    Teeth Of The Dog
    Warm-blooded golfers may prefer something with a bit of heat. If you think your swing is hot stuff, then try Teeth of the Dog. The Dominican Republic’s notoriously challenging course is designed by Pete Dye, a world-renowned golf course designer. But be warned: Its wide sand traps and twisting fairways will have you whimpering like a mutt caught out in the cold.
  • Ice Tee, Anyone?
    Let it be said dedicated golfers are among the strangest human beings on the planet. They golf on days no man or beast would go outside and they revel in the minutiae of every hole, every club, every course. So it is no surprise there are golfers willing to go to Greenland annually for the World Ice Golf Championship. Good luck with that.
  • Nice, Ice, Baby.
    If it wasn't for the deep freeze, there would be no Ice Hotel. Located just outside Quebec City, the hotel's a glistening beauty, complete with ice chandeliers and ice tumblers for your vodka shots at the bar. At bedtime, slip into a down-filled sleeping bag -- naked, as recommended.
  • Bask In Sask.
    Need sun and heat? Head to Saskatchewan. Seriously. Warm your body at Moose Jaw’s Temple Gardens Mineral Spa. Geothermal waters (of 45 degrees Celsius) located deep under the town with the funny name are pumped into an enormous indoor pool, part of which stretches outside the building. Swim outside and laugh in defiance at snowflakes as you stay toasty in the water.
  • Board Stiff
    It may be chilly in Whistler Blackcomb, but it's one of the best area in Canada for snowboarders of every level and every style, thanks to pristine backcountry and a terrific park with gnarly pipes. The après-ski scene in town is pretty rocking, too. Hang at Garibaldi Lift Co (GLC) to drink and Moe Joe’s to dance.
  • Sand Pith
    Love to snowboard, hate the snow? Pack your bags and head south -- way south to Peru. In Ica, you’ll find some of the biggest sand dunes in the world. Leave your own board back in Canada and rent one here made especially for sand conditions. Wear long sleeves or expect your arms to suffer some serious road rash when you fall. Ouch.

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