11/26/2013 06:25 EST | Updated 11/26/2013 06:30 EST

'This Isn't Toronto,' Says Sheriff After Arresting Florida Mayor On Drug Charge


Just when you thought you couldn't feel any worse about Rob Ford...

Police arrested Barry Layne Moore, the mayor of Hampton, Florida, on Monday for allegedly procuring and selling OxyCodone. The Bradford Country Sheriff Gordon Smith issued the following statement soon after.

"This isn’t Toronto. We will not tolerate illegal drug activity, in my jurisdiction, by anyone to include [sic] our elected officials."


Making matters worse, Ford once offered to "try" and help a constituent score OxyContin. Oh, and he was definitely arrested in Florida for drunk driving and marijuana possession in 1999.

Layne Moore also has a troubled past. He was arrested last year for domestic battery.

Still, you know things are bad when Florida is laughing at you.

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