11/26/2013 12:02 EST

Vancouver Night Flight Overlooks The City (VIDEO)

Vancouver looks gorgeous from just about any angle, but we don't often see it look so good from above.

A spectacular YouTube video last week from shows the city all aglow as an Air Canada 767 touches down at Vancouver International Airport (YVR) after an approximately five-hour flight from Maui.

A camera mounted inside the cockpit looks down at Lotusland as streets and parking lots lit up in shades of blue and sepia make the city look like a power grid. BC Place Stadium, with its multicoloured exterior, stands out in the distance as the plane hits the ground.

The video is an excerpt from a Blu-Ray DVD titled "Air Canada 767-300," which has 279 minutes of footage showing a pilot's-eye view of a various flights.

The DVD features beautiful scenery alongside less exciting developments such as preflight presentations, cabin service and departure and arrival airport charts.

In the case of the Maui to Vancouver flight, it's fair to say that, it's the destination, not the journey that really matters.

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