11/27/2013 03:25 EST | Updated 11/27/2013 04:46 EST

Best Toronto Pizza: Reddit Users Pick Top Joints In The GTA

Hidehiro Kigawa via Getty Images

We may not be New York or Chicago, but Toronto does have some tasty pizza.

Earlier this week, Reddit community user IamBenJammin made a callout to find the city's best slice of pizza. Nearly 16 hours later, we were left with over 100 comments and pizza recommendations all across the Greater Toronto Area.

King Slice, with two locations in the city and known for their extremely giant slices was voted the top choice with 20 "points." Other favourites included Mangia & Bevi, FBI Pizza and North of Brooklyn.

And while we did see a lot of familiar names like Pizzeria Libretto and Terroni, it was nice to see picks from Mississauga, Richmond Hill and the city's east end represented.

Which ones are missing? Add your favourite pizza place in the comments below:

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