11/27/2013 09:28 EST

Most Annoying Pet Peeve On A Plane Goes To Seat Kicking: Online Survey


(Relaxnews) - The most annoying pet peeve among flyers, the thing that beats unruly children and “loud talkers,” is the kicking of seatbacks. That’s according to a newly released survey by, which polled 1,081 Americans on travel etiquette.

As airports get ready to enter one of their busiest seasons, the latest survey serves as a gentle reminder on how to behave correctly to make the in-flight experience more enjoyable -- or less stressful at the least -- for everyone.

At 20 percent, the kicking of seatbacks topped the survey’s most annoying traveller behaviour, followed by incessant or loud talking (18 percent) and misbehaving children (17 percent).

‘Space invaders,' those who put their feet on the armrest, seatbacks or in their neighbour’s leg space, were also deemed annoying for 8 percent of respondents.

And while the most common reaction among respondents is to seethe quietly and do nothing (35 percent), another 30 percent said they’re likely to confront the passenger, while 19 percent said they're likely to perform retaliatory tactics like reclining their seat back into the kicker.

Interestingly, 10 percent said they take their beef online and blow off steam by ranting on social media.

The survey also revealed that a lucky minority of flyers have experienced life-changing or ‘fortunate’ events in-flight: about 3 percent of respondents said they joined the mile-high club and 2 percent said they’ve either found a job or a spouse.

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