11/27/2013 01:55 EST

Ugly Christmas Sweater Ideas For Parties From Our Favourite Celebrities (PHOTOS)


Need some ugly Christmas sweater ideas? Look no further than your local Hollywood celebrity.

The holiday trend is finally having its moment in the sun as grandma-esque sweaters adorned with tacky bobbles and an obnoxiously large Frosty head have made its way into our annual winter traditions. (Who doesn’t love a good ugly Christmas sweater party?)

Celebrities also dig the trend and there’s a long list of stars on the best dressed list who have traded in their Dolce & Gabbana for the cozy confections, all in the name of holiday spirit.

Take Justin Bieber: Before he preferred to live without a shirt, he sported an adorable snowflake sweater with pride.

Even our favourite rapper and cannabis lover Snoop Dogg opted to wear an interesting variation of the ugly Christmas sweater in a YouTube video, in which he takes us through, “The Night Before Christmas” in a way only Snoop Dogg could.

If you want to go a little more flamboyant, look no further than former sexiest man alive, Matt Damon, who did his very best to rock an ugly Christmas sweater on "The Today Show."

On that note, we’ll leave you to browse the many holiday sweaters as worn by the stars.

Celebrities Wearing Ugly Christmas Sweaters