11/28/2013 02:56 EST

Humans Have Been Obsessed With Dressing Up Dogs And Cats For More Than A Century (PHOTOS)

library of congress

Let's all just admit it: We're obsessed with dressing up our pets and have been for more than a century.

This (some would say) odd activity usually reaches a fever pitch around certain holidays, especially Halloween and Christmas, when dog and cat costumes become the norm and are shared on all of our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram feeds. (Dog in Santa hat? Check.)

Basically, humans really just want their animals to be just like them: Just look at this poor pug who has to put up with wearing a variety of hats.

Dressing up one's dog or cat isn't a new phenomenon; in fact, photographers have been capturing our enthusiasm for putting our pets through hell since the late 19th century.

Vintage photos of said pets have been released by the Library of Congress and they show that our ancestors were even more creative with playing pet dress-up than we are now. (And then there are the people who dress as animals just because.)

Click through the gallery to see old photos of dogs and cats in costume:

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