11/28/2013 06:55 EST | Updated 11/28/2013 09:57 EST

Hipster Cities: San Francisco Most Friendly To Haters Of Mainstream Culture


(Relaxnews) - Where in the US are you likely to find the highest density of skinny jeans, moustaches, indie music and vintage thrift stores? According to Travel + Leisure, the most hipster-friendly city is San Francisco.

Before delving into the ranking, perhaps it’s best to understand how magazine editors characterize hipsters. Their definition? "Locals who embody the cutting edge of culture while also embracing simple, retro charms.”

To come up with their list, editors culled information from their “America’s Favorite Cities” poll and looked at the density and quality of “great microbrews and coffee bars, a buzzing live music scene; and plenty of flea markets.”

Taking the top spot is San Francisco, where the nerve centre of hipsterdom is the Mission District.

There, hipsters with haute palates who traditionally sneer at mainstream foods can snack on artisanal cotton candy at Batch Made market (the disclaimer “artisanal” makes the mainstream carnival food entirely permissible, editors point out) and handcrafted chocolate bonbons presented in edible boxes.

Signs that the city is facing a hipster tipping point, however, are on the rise. One coffee shop, for instance, forbids clients from “talking about annoying hipster topics.”

After San Francisco, New Orleans and Portland, Oregon, were also deemed among the most hipster-friendly cities in the US.

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