Isolation Rooms For Autistic Students Criticized By P.E.I. MLA

CHARLOTTETOWN - An Opposition critic says autistic children are too often being locked in isolation rooms in P.E.I. schools.

Conservative James Aylward told the legislature Thursday he has heard from a number of parents who say their autistic children have been removed from classrooms, placed in unsupervised isolation rooms and locked in.

He says one parent told him she wasn't consulted about the measure and didn't receive a phone call afterwards.

Education Minister Alan McIsaac acknowledged isolation rooms are used in P.E.I. schools, but he stressed that they are sometimes needed to help students who can't cope in the classroom.

McIsaac says the rooms are only used in consultation with parents and educators.

He says the province has taken steps to improve conditions for autistic students since the government adopted an autism action plan in 2010.

(Charlottetown Guardian)

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