11/28/2013 01:25 EST | Updated 01/28/2014 05:59 EST

Judge finds RCMP breached chase policy, but didn't contribute to death

SUNDRE, Alta. - An Alberta judge has found that an RCMP officer was not following proper policy when he chased a stolen car that ended up in a deadly crash.

But Judge George Gaschler ruled the breach was so minimal and the 30-second chase was so short, it was not a contributing factor in Christopher Michael Sisler's death.

Sisler, who was 33, was killed on April 13, 2010, when he was thrown from a stolen car he was driving after it rolled near Sundre, northwest of Calgary.

In a fatality inquiry report, Gaschler found that Sisler sped off when the unnamed officer approached with lights and sirens on.

Sisler, who was drunk, was almost immediately out of sight of the officer, who gave chase, but called the pursuit off right before the crash.

Gaschler made no recommendations to prevent similar deaths.

"The pursuit of the fleeing vehicle was non-compliant with RCMP pursuit policy which states that theft of a motor vehicle is a non-pursuable offence," Gaschler wrote.

"The non-compliance with policy was technical, minimal, momentary and not a contributing factor."