11/28/2013 08:13 EST | Updated 01/28/2014 05:59 EST

Russia grants bail for the last of 30 Greenpeace detainees after Arctic protest

ST. PETERSBURG, Russia - A Russian court has granted bail to the last of 30 Greenpeace activists who were detained at sea during a protest against oil drilling in the Arctic.

The court in St. Petersburg on Thursday set bail for Australian Collin Russell at two million rubles (US $61,500).

Russell was the only activist denied bail at the start of the hearings last week.

Two Canadians — Paul Ruzycki of Port Colborne, Ont., and Alexandre Paul of Montreal — were released on bail last week but remain in Russia.

The 30 were detained in mid-September following an attempt by some of the activists to scale an offshore drilling platform owned by state-owned natural gas giant Gazprom.

All but Russell have now been released pending trial. They were initially accused of piracy, but authorities later revised that charge to hooliganism.