11/28/2013 22:50 EST | Updated 01/28/2014 05:59 EST

Woman's family pursues lawsuit against hospital, doctor after cancer death

The family of a woman whose life was claimed by cancer after her CT scan was allegedly misread by a radiologist at Trillium hospitals plans to continue with a lawsuit against the doctor and hospital.

Houda Rafle, 28, died Wednesday after a battle with cancer that started as a tiny tumour in her heart that would eventually spread to her lungs, and then brain.

Rafle was one of 3,500 patients at Trillium Hospitals in Mississauga who had a CT scan or mammogram read by Dr. Ivo Slezic between April 2012 and March of this year.

"It shouldn't be taken lightly at all," said the woman's sister Deeqa Rafle. "It caused Houda's life to be shortened a lot."

Only days before her death Rafle penned a statement with her lawyer who has now filed a lawsuit on her behalf.

Deeqa said the family plans to continue with the lawsuit because they believe Rafle would still be alive if it weren't for the alleged mistake by the hospital.

"It took us all by storm. I mean me and Houda were best friends, big sister, role model," said Deeqa. "Houda's fight is never [going to] end. Our entire family is [going to] keep it alive with every fibre of our being."

Review expected soon

Trillium Hospitals has been reviewing the scans for months and told CBC News in a statement that "more than 75 per cent of patients have received their results."

The CBC's Charlsie Agro said detailed findings of that review should be released in the next few weeks.

Slezic was suspended by the hospital in September and has voluntarily stopped practicing medicine while the College Of Physicians & Surgeons of Ontario investigates the matter.

Rafle's lawyer said he hopes the review will provide some clarity and measures his client wanted to ensure there is not a repeat incident.

"She wanted to know that change would be made in the system and this wouldn't happen again," he said.