11/29/2013 04:51 EST | Updated 07/23/2014 10:59 EDT

Cheap Engagement Rings: Where To Get Diamond, Gold, Pink And Unique Settings (PHOTOS)

diamond ring

It recently came to light that Kate Middleton's hand-me-down engagement ring is not the most expensive celebrity bling out there (that honour goes to the $8.8 million Elizabeth Taylor-Richard Burton rock).

Although the Duchess of Cambridge's $45K sapphire-and-diamond ring isn't nearly as pricey as the late Miss. Taylor's, it's definitely too much money for most of us sane people to afford, which is why we should be on the lookout for cheap engagement rings.

Listen up ladies and gents (yes, women can propose too, you know): Cheap doesn't have to mean bad quality. In fact, there are dozens of beautiful engagement rings that have diamonds and sapphires; that come in black, pink and yellow diamonds; that are made of platinum, gold and silver and that are cushion-cut, princess-cut, round-cut and more for less than $500. You just have to know where to look and to educate yourself on the four Cs of engagement rings: Cut, colour, clarity and carat.

So, we did all the dirty work for you and found 10 great sites that have cheap, quality engagement rings so your woman can still look like a princess without making you go bankrupt.

Happy ring hunting! (Just make sure your spouse-to-be doesn't act super annoying on Facebook after you get down on bended knee.)

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If you're looking for a unique or vintage ring you'll never find anywhere else, than Etsy is your best bet. Craftsmen create gorgeous diamond rings for well within your budget (as low as $50) that are a fraction of the cost of the rings at the big jewelry stores.

Our Pick:Floral Art Deco Diamond Engagement Ring (Pictured.)

Shop here.

Designer rings for bargain price? Sign us up! Overstock gets oodles of merchandise and slashes the prices so that you can shop with a smile on your face. Diamond engagement rings go for as low as $37!

Our Pick:White Gold Princess Cut Diamond Ring (Pictured)

Shop here.


Oh, Walmart, we love you so much! The discount retailer is perfect for those of you who have a really specific budget, as their site sells engagement rings at all price points from under $50 to under $750.

Our Pick: Black-And-White Diamond Ring (Pictured)

Shop here.


Engagement rings sold by Amazon can go as high as $10,000 (but who wants to spend that much dough?). Thankfully, the online retailer also has much cheaper rings that retail for as low as $11 and they look spectacular. They also have free returns, just in case she says no.

Our Pick:Sterling Silver Diamond Ring (Pictured).

Shop here.

Budget Diamonds Online

Budget Diamonds Online offers discount engagement rings that are easy on your wallet and on the eyes.

One of the great features is that they offer only conflict-free diamonds and many of them are mined in Canada. (Just take note that you purchase the ring and diamond separately).

Our Pick: Half Bezel Swirl Style Engagement Ring (Pictured)

Shop here.

Diamond Nexus

While their under $500 selection is lacking, Diamond Nexus sells an abundance of engagement rings in the $500-$750 zone, so if that's your comfort spot, then shop away! (Yes, they do ship to Canada.)

Our Pick: Round Brilliant Cut Diamond (Pictured)

Shop here.


Yes, along with Louis Vuitton bags, sports watches, autographed posters and everything under the sun, the online auction site also sells engagement rings which range from the wildly expensive to the absurdly cheap. Remember to read the seller's reviews to make sure you're not getting ripped off.

Our Pick:Diamond-And-Gold Ring (Pictured)

Shop here.


Zales has rings under $50 (!!!) which is reason enough to check out the site.

Our Pick: Oval Amethyst and Lab-Created White Sapphire Three Stone Ring (Pictured)

Shop here.

You can find a diamond for any girl's tastes on this great site which sells rings at wholesale prices for as low as $55. Yep, it's really that amazing.

Our Pick: Princess Cut Diamond Ring (Pictured)

Shop here.

Jewelry Central

This site is good for when you want a clean, classic engagement ring that has no frills but is still beautiful to look at. And with deep discounts, you'll be hard pressed to find another site that has quality rings at these prices.

Our Pick:White Gold Engagement Ring (Pictured)

Shop here.