12/29/2013 01:54 EST | Updated 01/23/2014 06:58 EST

Funniest Fake Twitter Accounts In Alberta

When it comes to delivering unexpected, cunning blasts of humour, few arenas are better than Twitter.

There, laughs are often delivered by fake accounts parodying real life personalities, animals or even much maligned structures.

They are effective because they put what most in the public are thinking into punchy 140-character contrast.

Sometimes, it's a way to make light of what may routinely be a tired or loaded subject.

Other times, there's no parody at all, just some quick witted or clever humour.

And here they are, the ones who take the stage during Twitter's comedy hour.

1. Seeing how social media is one of Calgary Mayor Naheed Nenshi's super powers, it was only a matter of time before an alter ego grew from the cyber-aether and spread some laughter to Nenshi boosters and detractors alike.

That moment came as the popular mayor had to take a fatherly tone with Calgarians during this summer's flood and remind citizens of the city to, well, not be stupid. He started one famous delivery with "I can't believe I have to say this," as he reminded Calgarians to, among other things, to not get close to the river and certainly don't attempt to go into it.

In a matter of moments following that now famous line, the world was introduced to ShitNenshiHastoSay. The profile photo is a now famous shot of Nenshi looking so tired after days without rest, it sparked a Twitter campaign of its own, a grassroots movement to force the mayor to get some sleep.

2. In Edmonton, one lowly account that certainly punched above its weight during the recent municipal elections was @DiottesHands.

The account was a parody - using the subject's hands as the satirical conduit - of former Edmonton mayoral candidate, city councillor and journalist Kerry Diotte.

The profile photo alone is worth the click.

3. The newest member on this list, is also easily one of the funniest. It is a parody, not of a person, institution or cause, but of a much panned Calgary public art piece.

@GiantBlueRing is the personal Twitter account of that half-a-million dollar, blue, metallic hula-hoop in Calgary's northwest unveiled by the city this fall.

Travelling light, as the piece is actually called, met with instant hostility when unveiled but found solace in social media, where @GiantBlueRing was able to appeal to the citizenry with much emo effect.

Profile photo: Ever-changing but always of that big, blue circle thingy.

4. Ironically, @GiantBlueRing has a counterpart in Edmonton in the form of Talus Balls, another account giving a voice to a hated public arts project - the Talus Dome - and a few laughs to those following in social media.

Then there is Alberta's wildlife, who unbeknownst to most Albertans, are wild about social media.

5. There is Mr. Yegpie, @yegmagpie, a fictional tuba-playing magpie who dreams of being an Avenger...

6. And his banter nemesis Yeg E. Coyote @YegCoyote.

7. But none is as business-savvy or popular as @Banff_Squirrel.

A viral ambassador for Banff and Lake Louise Tourism, the little cyber critter doesn't waste an opportunity to boast about itself, or the mountain parks and towns it loves so much.

Profile Photo: The image is from a now-iconic photo bomb of a couple in Banff, seen smiling in front of the camera, as the @Banff _Squirrel pops up right in front of them and into the picture.

Click through the slideshow below for some of these accounts' best tweets.

Funny Fake Twitter Accounts In Alberta