11/29/2013 01:08 EST | Updated 01/29/2014 05:59 EST

Randall Hopley to be sentenced in Cranbrook court

A B.C. Supreme Court judge will decide today whether convicted sex offender Randall Hopley will be declared a dangerous offender and put behind bars indefinitely.

Justice Heather Holmes will deliver the decision at 10 a.m. in Cranbrook court.

Hopley, who pleaded guilty to abducting three-year-old Kienan Hebert and holding him in an abandoned cabin for four days in September 2011, faces three possible outcomes.

The Crown has argued Hopley is a dangerous offender — he poses such a great risk to re-offend he should be jailed indefinitely for public safety reasons.

Defence lawyer William Thorne has tried tell the court that though Hopley abducted Kienan Hebert in the dead of night, he did not physically harm the boy. Thorne recommends 48-year-old Hopley be handed a two-year federal sentence, instead of being incarcerated until he is an old man.

A third option is for Hopley to be declared a long term offender, a designation primarily targeting sex offenders. It's given to offenders who are likely to commit further sexual offences, but require specific attention.