11/30/2013 01:48 EST

Mercer House Free To A Good Home In Chilliwack Or Beyond


It doesn't get much cheaper than free. And that's what a B.C. company is offering to sell a historic home for: zip, nada, $0!

Of course there's a catch: the buyer must arrange to pick the 100-year-old Mercer House up from its lot in Rosedale, Chilliwack, and move it elsewhere.

Some of the work has already been done for you. After the house was first offered up in January this year, a "buyer" came forward and began arrangements. According to TYCROP Manufacturing (who own the house and the land on which it sits) the porches were removed, the house was separated from the foundation and jacked up ready to be placed on wheeled supports.

After all that, the deal proved too much for the prospective owner to handle, and the house has been sitting on steel beams at the side of the road ever since. It will remain there until Feb. 1, 2014, in the hopes of another willing recipient, after which time, it will be demolished and its materials salvaged for future TYCROP developments.

According to the Chilliwack Times, TYCROP is planning to turn the space on which the house sits into a parking lot for its employees, and is prepared to offer $25,000 towards offsetting some of the costs of the move. Anyone interested in taking the project on should bank on a budget in excess of $130,000.

Considering the current cost of real estate in Vancouver right now, let's face it, that still sounds like something of a snip.

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