11/30/2013 11:48 EST

How To Beat Procrastination: The Ultimate List Of How To Not Become A Victim

It is that time of year again - end of year.

Ti's the season when businesses close books, students face exams, and when revelers struggle to fit in their gift shopping and Christmas party planning.

Ti's the season of trying to do too much in precious little time... the season to feel the stress.

And for many of those overwhelmed by the demands of the season, ti's also the season of procrastination - that comforting habit that momentarily takes the weary from their present stresses, only to deliver with greater intensity that same stress, just a little further down the road.

And it is just for those people that students at the University of Alberta have put together some helpful tips to prevent falling into that sweet and fleeting embrace of temporary relief that only procrastination can provide.

Click through the slideshow below for tips to beat procrastination:

Top 10 Tips To Fight Procrastination