12/02/2013 11:48 EST

Grandparents On Their Wedding Day: Reddit Photos Show Nostalgic Fashions (PHOTOS)

The holiday season is officially upon us which means that we will soon be making the trek to our parents' homes to help cook, to eat, to trade gifts and to reminisce about the past.

One big tradition that goes on when we visit the 'rents is to look through vintage photographs (remember photo albums?) of our parents and grandparents on their wedding day.

Now we can look at other people's personal photos thanks to dozens of Reddit users, who post pics of their grandparents on their special day looking dapper in their wedding day finest.

From silk scarves and massive '60s collars to floppy hats and pinstripe suits, these photos are a great reminder that grandma and grandpa had some serious style game going on. (They were so fashion forward that they even knew about peplum before we did!)

So before you plan your wedding, take a look through the following photos for some unique fashion inspiration or just to see how wedding style has changed over the decades.

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