12/02/2013 17:13 EST | Updated 02/01/2014 05:59 EST

Laval parents concerned about accused stalker Howard Krupp

Parents in Laval say they are certain that a man who was arrested last Wednesday outside Hillcrest Academy is accused stalker Howard Krupp.

Laval police confirm they did arrest a man near the elementary school in Chomedey, but would not confirm his name.

“The person was in breach of certain conditions from a previous file, so he was arrested and given the paperwork to appear in court at a later date,” said Laval police spokesman Franco Di Genova.

Krupp was charged in November with criminal harassment, after he was accused of following children in Kirkland home from the bus stop.

In 2001, Krupp pleaded guilty to possession of child pornography after police seized thousands of images from his computer.

Krupp recently told CBC he received a pardon for those charges.

Parents protest

Parents who have children at  Hillcrest Academy say Krupp’s wife works at the school, and they’re not comfortable with that.

Tasci said she knows Krupp’s wife and thinks she’s a good teacher, but parents are worried Krupp may show up at the school again.

"Parents are concerned and they're very scared.  They want the school board to remove her from the school,” said Sophie Tasci, a mother of two boys at the school.

A small group of parents demonstrated in front of the school Monday morning, and they say they’ll be back again Tuesday.

The school board refused to comment.