12/03/2013 01:24 EST | Updated 12/03/2013 01:26 EST

Alberta Snow And High Winds Form Massive Snow Drifts (PHOTOS)


Monday's snowstorm brings Tuesday's snow drifts.

A combination of up to 40 centimetres of snow that fell in some parts of Alberta Monday, combined with winds topping 80 km/h, means many in the province face a battle of epic proportions in the form of massive snow drifts.

Many awoke Tuesday to find their cars and fences covered, while others had to literally dig themselves out of their homes. The huge piles of snow blocked roads, driveways and accumulated in some very inconvenient spots.

Check out some of the mammoth snow drifts in the slideshow below. If you've spotted some of your own, share your photo by uploading it to the gallery.

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