12/03/2013 01:45 EST | Updated 12/03/2013 01:46 EST

Fog In Jasper Before Blizzard Pummels Alberta (VIDEO)


Albertans may not have very positive feelings towards winter, after a massive winter storm covered the province in snow and frigid cold, but a stunning video is showing the more beautiful side of the season.

The timelapse video, posted to Vimeo on Monday by Richard Gottardo, captured the ghostly nature of alpine environs in Jasper National Park just days before the blizzard pummeled the province on Monday.

"I set out on a trip to Jasper National Park that ended up lasting two days and covering over 1000km to witness the awesome sight of the Rockies shrouded in fog," explains Gottardo.

"The end result was over 3300 photos shot over 18 hours put together into this timelapse."

into the fog from Richard Gottardo on Vimeo.

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