12/03/2013 03:02 EST | Updated 01/23/2014 06:58 EST

Office Christmas Party: 10 Dance Moves You Should Never Attempt

Paul Bradbury via Getty Images

Some of us are born dancers, while others might prefer to stick to the sidelines. But if your office holiday party tends to turn into a dance party at some point in the evening, then you might want to come prepared with something more than the awkward moves you "mastered" while watching YouTube.

While dance parties are supposed to be about having fun, not all dance moves are deemed appropriate. Twerking, for example, which was this year's most desired dance move, can really only be done well by a select few. And remember the body roll? Yeah, it died in the club you stopped going to years ago.

To help us track down which dance moves we should avoid at the office party, Toronto fitness expert and owner of Brass Vixens Pole Dancing & Fitness Studio Shannon Crane has put together her official naughty dance move list — and we don't mean that in a good way.

  • So It's Time For Your Holiday Office Party
    And you have the urge to be on the dance floor.
  • And While You Would Like To See Your Party Rock Out Like This...
    SO happy to be here
  • Some Dance Moves Aren't So Impressive
    What happened?!
  • Like The The Body Wave
    If done right, you'll be a sexpot. If done wrong ... awkward. Unless you've mastered this move on a wall, leave it at home.
  • Who Thought The Macarena Was Still Cool?
    Join in, but don't be the first person to start. And if you join in, don't start humping the air like these dudes.
  • Leave The Twerking To Miley
    What's twerking? Moving your butt cheeks together or alternating butt winks in a squat position. See, now try explaining that to your co-workers.
  • And The Body Roll At Home
    The ultimate rock-out move for former club-goers.
  • And The Robot Dance, Probably In The '60s
    Unless you can move like these guys, attempt the robot at your own risk.
  • The Worm Can Hurt
    The classic breakdance move that can result in an injury. And remember, the dance floor probably isn't the cleanest spot anyways.
  • And The Chicken Dance Is Just Embarrassing
    ...but is still preformed by toddlers and elders at all family get-togethers.
  • And Don't Fall Into The Trap Of Gangnam Style (Again)
    Stop being irrelevant, this is so 2012.
  • Or This
    The Humpty dance has no place on the dance floor ... in 2013.
  • But Remember...
    It's the holidays, so drink up and have fun!

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