12/03/2013 03:04 EST

Wrapping Christmas Presents: Easy Tips To Wrap Like A Pro

If you, like so many others, like to grab a gift bag and tissue paper and call it a day when wrapping your gifts, then Christmas is a particular minefield for you.

While of course you can use a bag, there's something about those beautifully packaged presents sitting beneath the tree that adds a truly special feeling to the day. And really, come on — you're a grownup. Isn't it about time you learned how to wrap a present?

In the video above, one of our biggest wrapping problems (those pesky corners that you just want to smush down) is finally solved, with the help of Nilda Garcia of Kate's Paperie. We won't spoil the trick, but trust us when we say it's easier than we ever expected.

We also got a few tips from Shoana Jensen, lifestyle expert with Scotch Brand, who has a few ideas for those accomplished wrappers among us.

"A well-wrapped present is like two gifts in one," Jensen explains. "Just like an unfolding story, it’s an experience to be savoured through every step of the gift-giving experience."

Check out her tips below:

  • Choose A Theme, And Go With It
    Think outside of the box — you don’t have to include the traditional red and green colour scheme. For inspiration, why not look to your favourite wardrobe pieces or a design and décor magazine?
  • Don't Skimp On The Accessories
    Have a good selection of tools nearby, including ribbons, bows, gift tags and a pair of quality scissors.
  • Tape Is So Key
    Jensen suggests Scotch GiftWrap Tape or a similar matte tape, which is barely noticeable on most shiny gift wrap papers. As shown in the video above, it's also great to have double-sided tape, which can be very useful for tight corners and a sleek finish.
  • Wrap For The Recipient
    Instead of regular wrapping paper, look for newspapers, road maps or comics to cater the gift to the recipient’s personality, hobbies or interests.
  • Keep It A Secret Until The Last Minute
    For awkwardly-shaped gifts, find ways to preserve the element of surprise. For example, put perfume or socks in an empty paper towel roll or use an empty coffee can or cereal box for small to medium-sized gifts.
  • Always Give More Than What They Expect To Get
    Add a little something more to a gift with small, useful items that relate to what's inside. For example, attach a whisk to a set of mixing bowls, or a bag of popcorn onto a set of DVDs.
  • Bring On The Nostaglic Gift Tags
    Instead of a traditional gift tag, why not be more creative? Find an old baby picture and tape it to the top of the gift. The image will identify who the gift is for and gives you time to reminisce on the good ol’ days!