12/04/2013 17:48 EST | Updated 02/03/2014 05:59 EST

Michel de Broin's 'dangerous' art heads to Miami Art Week

Montreal artist Michel de Broin — known for creating modern, contrasting, subversive sculptures — is bringing a touch of danger to Miami Art Week.

Headlined by the prestigious Art Basel Miami Beach festival, Miami Art Week now includes a host of concurrent events and gatherings that focus on contemporary work, design, emerging artists and experimental creations.

Past Sobey Art Award-winner de Broin is in Miami for the Untitled Festival on behalf of the Toronto and Montreal based Division Gallery. His works on show include recent pieces such as Overpower — his electrically charged bronze figurine wielding a sword that ignites a broken light bulb — and his upturned bronze figure The Abyss of Liberty.

His work has previously appeared in festivals, exhibitions and galleries across North America and Europe, including Toronto, Paris and Berlin. Current projects include a massive work inspired by lamp posts that's destined for the German parliament in Berlin.

"For a Canadian artist, I think it's really great to be in a context where there are so many great artists from all around the world," he told CBC News.

With pieces like Overpower, which is charged with a whopping 10,000 volts of electricity, de Broin plays with notions of danger and of clashing subjects.

"I'm attracted to something dangerous. It is like if you're awakening the senses, the feelings. When you're confronted with something dangerous, you become more alive or focused," he said.

"You're more aware. I'm interested in that experience."  

In the attached video, de Broin talks about heading to Miami to show his work and explains some of the pieces he'll have on display.