12/04/2013 04:30 EST | Updated 12/04/2013 05:54 EST

One Minute Around Australia Is The Ultimate Exercise In Selfie Taking (VIDEO)

MPF Australie/ YouTube

"Selfie" may be Oxford Dictionary's 2013 "Word of the Year," but here's hoping selfie videos will catch on in 2014.

What's a selfie video? Ask Selim El Mellah, the filmmaker behind "One Minute Around Australia". Using nothing but a stick and a Go Pro camera, El Mellah captures the beauty of the Land Down Under during his one-year stay in the country.

El Mellah is part of MPF Australie, a French blog dedicated to exploring Australia, and along with his friends, Axelle Anduze, Jeremy Pichon, Marine Loreau, has put together a dizzying reel highlights the country's sandy white beaches, beautiful blue seas and legendary Red Rock.

You can watch the whole thing below -- just try not to get dizzy.

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