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4 Surprising Things We Learned From The Rob Ford Documents

1. Rob Ford and Doug Ford weren't speaking after the crack video story emerged

On May 18, Toronto Police detectives interviewed David Price, a longtime Doug Ford friend who was also serving as the mayor's director of operations and logistics at City Hall. Price told police that the two Ford brothers "are not on speaking terms right now." The interview happened just two days after Gawker published its story about Rob Ford's crack video.

2. Meet "Princess" Basso

Elena Basso lives at 15 Windsor Rd. in Etobicoke, the house where Ford was photographed with a group of men including Anthony Smith, the gang member who was gunned down in March. She's also known as "princess," according to the documents. Police also note she has a criminal history of prostitution and drug trafficking, and that her home is known as a "trap house" or crack house. Basso and her sons "have been intercepted on numerous occasions involved in drug transactions" police note.

In the past, Ford's staff have contacted the city's water department about a sewage issue at 15 Windsor Rd. Ford has vigorously defended the Basso family, and is reportedly a longtime friend of Elena's brother, Fabio.

"That is not a crack house,” Ford has said. “It is a house with a family with a father and a mother and three sons and a daughter.”

3. Rob Ford's drug use almost made it to Instagram

On April 20, police intercept a call from Liban Siyad. During the call, Siyad says Ford was "smoking his rocks today" and that he was at "Princess's" house. He says he will put a picture up on Instagram.

It seems Siyad never followed through. He was arrested in the Project Traveller raids two months later.

4. Ford had some strange dealings with The Goonies (and not the '80s movie)

The gang known as the Dixon City Bloods is also known as the Dixon Goonies. The gang's activities were the main focus of the wiretap project named Project Traveller when information about the mayor's involvement with the gang members began surfacing.

On April 20, police intercepted a series of conversations about Ford going to a crack house at 15 Windsor Rd., and that the mayor's cellphone was stolen by a member of the Goonies.

The documents allege that the mayor's friend, Alexander Lisi, eventually got hold of the phone in exchange for a large amount of marijuana. The documents also allege that the Goonies supplied Ford with drugs.

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