12/04/2013 12:12 EST | Updated 01/23/2014 06:58 EST

Sensible BC 'Cannabus' For Sale

Jesse Ferreras

As Sensible BC reaches its end, the campaign no longer has need for the "Cannabus" that helped it gather signatures across the province for the past three months.

An eBay listing shows the "Cannabus" up for sale with bids starting at $25,000 US, with an option to buy right away for $40,000 US.

The bus itself is a 35-foot converted 1962 Greyhound, and it's a fixer-upper. The engine leaks, there is some minor body damage, and anyone who buys it should have some mechanical skills as it will need continued maintenance, the listing states.

"It is a tired and old Coach yet proved to be reliable throughout the campaign," it says.

The sale comes as Sensible BC winds down an initiative that failed to gather the approximately 400,000 signatures it needed to force a referendum on decriminalizing marijuana. The organization will submit its petition to Elections BC on Monday, about 200,000 signatures short of its target.

The Cannabus will be available for sale until Dec. 10. No bids had been submitted as of Wednesday morning.

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