12/04/2013 01:27 EST | Updated 02/03/2014 05:59 EST

SPCA seizes 143 birds, cats, dogs, other animals from home

The New Brunswick SPCA has seized 143 animals from a home in Fredericton, a menagerie that included everything from dogs and cats to potbellied pigs and chinchillas.

Animal protection officer Olivia Justason said that after the SPCA received an anonymous complaint, she applied for an entry warrant Tuesday.

Inside, they discovered the animals running free inside the home.

​"We found about 58 cats, 21 dogs, about 30 birds — and they were all larger parrot types — about 20 rats, six potbellied pigs, five chinchillas," said Justason.

The seized animals have been put into foster homes or SPCA shelters.

"The animals are our first concern, so we'll spend the next little while making sure every one who needs veterinary care gets it, every one's assessed and on the mend," she said. "From there, we work towards the court process and any applicable charges being laid."

 Justason said some of the animals were healthy, but others were in "pretty bad shape."