12/04/2013 10:59 EST | Updated 02/03/2014 05:59 EST

Suitcase that fell onto highway miraculously returned to Regina owner

REGINA - A Regina woman who lost her suitcase on the highway is no longer singing the blues.

Trina Owens says she reached out on social media and Kijiji after her suitcase fell off the back of the truck she was in.

The suitcase was full of Christmas presents she had just bought on a shopping trip to the U.S.

Her online plea paid off — a woman contacted her and it was returned, battered but with all the presents inside and in good shape.

Owens says she's so grateful that the woman found it and tried to find the rightful owner.

She says Christmas "would have been really hard this year" had that suitcase not been returned.

(CTV Regina)