12/05/2013 06:19 EST

10 Reasons Why Brazil Is Totally Worthy Of A Winter Escape

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The snow has started to fall and you’re already dreading the next four months of wet feet and frozen fingers. You could just stay inside with a cup of hot chocolate, wrapped up in your favourite blanket in front of the fireplace. Or you could make like the Canadian geese and head south for the winter.

Florida? A classic choice but everyone goes there and you really wanted to get away from it all. Mexico? A step in the right direction but you weren't much in the mood for a resort. So why not head even further south to Brazil?

The country's the perfect winter destination, since its southern-hemisphere location make its seasons opposite to North America. There's also a wealth of things to do for every type of traveller, whether you want to dance in the clubs and on the streets for Carnival, lounge on sandy beaches with turquoise water, or wake up to the sight of toucans and monkeys.

Still not convinced? Here's why Brazil is totally worthy of a winter getaway.

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