12/05/2013 03:33 EST | Updated 02/04/2014 05:59 EST

Toronto cab driver feared for his life during weekend attack

A Toronto taxi driver says he wasn't sure he was going to live when two men attacked him last weekend, when he demanded they pay for their cab ride.

Last Sunday, Maheswaran, a Beck Taxi driver who requested that CBC News identify him by his first name only, picked up two young men on College Street during a night shift.

The men told him they wanted to go to Jane and Bloor streets, but the ride came to an abrupt halt near Bloor and Dundas streets when one of them was about to vomit.

The men got out of the car and soon tried to flee without paying. Maheswaran pursued them and made several verbal pleas for them to pay the fare. Then came the attack.

Maheswaran said the men began punching him on the head and on his nose. He was also hit in the ribs. Police have said he was also kicked.

"I thought I was gonna die,'" Maheswaran said in an interview.

The men ended up fleeing the scene.

Maheswaran suffered three broken ribs, as well as a broken nose. He is now on pain medication.

Why some people might question why he would confront the men, Maheswaran said that delinquent customers are an ongoing problem.

Several months ago, he picked up a group of four — two males and two females — who took a $70 ride from Yonge and Bloor streets to the Meadowvale GO station.

"When I reached the GO station, everybody opened the door and ran away," he said.

It’s something he believes that these types of customers are doing on a nightly basis, with no regard for the drivers.

"These people do the same thing every night," Maheswaran. "So somebody has to do something."

He has been told by doctors to rest for the next four weeks. He intends to return to the night shift.

Maheswaran believes that somebody knows who the suspects are.

Police have already released images of the suspects. They want to hear with anyone who has information about them or their whereabouts.