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Christmas Cocktail Recipes: 20 Drinks To Try Out At Holiday Parties

Just as the holidays present the perfect excuse to break out that sparkly dress that otherwise seems like too much, and to bake all those cookie recipes you've been saving on Pinterest all year, they also provide several reasons to make fancy cocktails and large-quantity punches.

We've rounded up a selection of great holiday drinks, from virgin punch to a triple-threat coffee-based beverage — and with cocktails based on beer, wine, cider, and spirits, we've got something for everyone. Please remember to enjoy and serve these 20 drinks responsibly, and happy holidays!

Christmas Cocktail Recipes

Negus: Here's a real classic cocktail, said to have been invented by Colonel Negus during either the reign of Queen Anne or George I — which means, in the early 1700s. If you think you don't like port, try it this way and have your mind changed.

Sparkling Cider: The holidays are a great excuse to drink champagne, because they're all about celebration. Here's one more way to do it, with this DIY recipe. As a bonus, these bottles make a great Christmas gift.

Mulled Wine: Jamie Oliver calls his mulled wine recipe "Christmas in a glass," and that sounds about right to us. You can make it in large quantities, which means it's the perfect party recipe.

Learn how to create this at Jamie Oliver.

Hot Toddy: The hot toddy is perhaps best known as an old-fashioned remedy for cold and flu symptoms, but that doesn't mean it's not delicious in its own right. This is best enjoyed by a fire, with a blanket and a good book, on a snowy night — but it works any other time too.

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Wassail Punch: The namesake of the carol makes a great shared drink for a holiday party. Cloves, cinnamon, and ginger just scream Christmas, and this is a beverage that can be virgin or spiked, depending on your preference.

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Winter Julep: A Mint Julep seems like a summer-only drink, but mint is also a flavour strongly associated with winter and the holiday season. So enter the Winter Julep! It gets its minty warmth from peppermint tea and includes bourbon, a spirit rising in popularity.

Learn how to create this at Imbibe magazine.

Bourbon Hot Chocolate: Hot chocolate is great, but spiked hot chocolate is even greater. Your options here are myriad, but we like this one with the richness of bourbon and a fancy meringue topping.

Learn how to create this at Chasing Delicious.

Winter Sun Cocktail: Some of us could really use a little sunshine at this time of year, when the days are their longest. If you can't take a trip south, this drink, made with seasonal clementines, might at least let you have a mental vacation.

Dandy Shandy: Here's one for the beer lovers. Rich and heavy stout is a perfect beer for winter, and ginger is a classic holiday recipe. Try this with a seasonal stout like Walkerville Milk Stout or Muskoka Winter Beard Double Chocolate Cranberry Stout.

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Candy Cane Cocktail: Candy Cane Cocktail: We're in favour of any drink that gives us an excuse to rim a glass with crushed candy canes.

Learn how to create this at Martha Stewart.

Blizzard Cocktail: A hot drink with coffee, hazelnut liqueur, and Grand Marnier whipped cream? Sign us up!

Learn how to create this at Martha Stewart.

Hot Buttered Rum: Rum plus butter sounds suspect, but it really, really works. It's impossible to feel a chill after one of these.

Learn how to create this at Esquire.

Scotch Spice: "Here it goes down, down in my belly." Ron Burgundy would approve of this cinnamon-spiked Scotch drink, finished with the addition of classic Peychaud's bitters.

Learn how to create this at Drink of the Week.

The Maple Leaf: What could be more Canadian than a drink made with pine-flavoured vodka and homegrown maple syrup? Nothing, that's what — unless you consume this beverage while watching a curling match. We guess that would work.

Learn how to create this at 66 Gilead Distillery.

Hot Milk Punch: This is what Santa really wants you to leave him with his cookies.

Learn how to create this at Esquire.

Peppermint White Russian: We hope The Dude would approve of this seasonal adaptation of his classic cocktail, because we certainly do.

Learn how to create this at A Beautiful Mess.

Pomosa: This is the perfect seasonal addition to a Christmas morning breakfast. On top of its cheery colour and the adorable pomegranate arils, it's delicious!

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Glogg: Who could possibly know more about warming winter drinks than the Scandinavians? It'll be hard to wait for this, because it smells so good when you're making it on the stove, but it's worth it.

Learn how to create it at Liquor.

Irish Coffee: We strongly approve of the Emerald Isle's addition to the wide selection of coffee-based beverages.

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Hot Gin Punch: Gin is not just a warm-weather spirit, as this punch proves. Its botanical flavours work perfectly with seasonal fare, and this warm drink makes for a surprising choice for your party guests.

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