12/07/2013 12:28 EST | Updated 01/25/2014 04:01 EST

Waterton Lakes National Park Bears: Video Shows Bears Taking Over Hiking Trails

When the hikers are away, the bears will play.

Those who know the Alberta Rockies, and who have a fear of bears, know to stay away from Waterton Lakes National Park.

But for those who crave the slow rhythm of life in the mountains, epic views and better-than-average chances of spotting the apex predators of the Canadian Rocky Mountains, the park has few equals.

And a new video posted recently by Parks Canada shows exactly why. There are a lot of bruins in them mountains.

Grizzlies and black bears are often seen on meadows, on lake shores or next to roads.

Now, a video shot by one of the park's wildlife cameras shows just how prolific the large animals are in Waterton's backcountry.

The time lapse footage was taken over a period of four months after much of the park's backcountry was closed to humans due to damage sustained during the June flood.

The lack of human activity along one particular trail prompted human-weary bears to slowly venture into the trails, turning the mountain paths into virtual bruin highways.

Elk, lynx and a wolverine all make an appearance. But it's the abundant quantity of bears that is the highlight of the video.

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